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sadsora's Journal

[alternative] {RIKU} && {KAIRI} __pairings__
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★ W E L C O M E / A B O U T
[WELCOME] to sadsora, yet another Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II fanfiction community. Only this one is a tad bit different from the rest: all fanfiction/fanart posted are to be focused on Riku or Kairi. Simple, isn't it? Well, there's also another matter to keep in mind: No pairings made are to involve Sora in any way, shape, or form. Why? Because RikuxSora and SoraxKairi is all over the place, and that's boring. Even pairings like SoraxRoxas or SoraxSelphie are starting to lose their appeal. What's wrong with showing some RikuxMickey some love? Or KairixMarluxia? Yes, here we're all about the pairings most people lable as 'crack'. Of course, you don't have to exclude Sora all together - he /is/ the main character. Just, you know... make sure he's sad or jealous or something. Please read the rules (= Thanksss.
☆ R U L E S
X NO bashing members or their work. Be nice.
X Do not steal art or fanfiction! Give credit when needed.
X All images must be under an lj-cut.
X Graphics are allowed to be posted, of course.
X Promotion of other Kingdom Hearts-related comms = allowed.
X Trollers are always welcome.
X Ratings are a MUST. Give warnings when warnings are needed.
X NC-17 rated material and spoilers should be under a cut.
★ M O D E R A T O R S
STEF (end_0f_a11_h0pe) = the amazing girl who came up with the idea and name of this community. Love her, for she the very best/doesn't suck at life like /some/ people . ♥ Not to mention she's the #1 Riku/Mickey fan.

MARCIA (fuukei) = I'm that other girl who tries to make community layouts using MS paint/come up with 'professional' sounding rules - and then I fail (proving I suck horribly at life). Oh, and I'm the other #1 Riku/Mickey fan.
☆ P R O M O T I O N / A F F I L I A T E S

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